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Day 14: Review All, First Play Test

Review everything we've been working on. We want our Pepperoni Pizzas to be really amazing, and we want our left hand nice and relaxed while plucking monkey song before we move to the next step!

Pepperoni Pizza

Remember we are looking for:

- Small Pepperonis, Big Pizzas!

- Crispy Pizzas

- Bow Parallel to the Bridge

- Keep Bow in Lane 3! (Hold Your Contact Point)

- Heavy Arm

- Bent Pinky and Thumb!

- Think about being a monkey hanging from a tree!

Monkey Song

A0, A1, A2, A3, A3, A2, A1, A0

Remember we are looking for:

- Magic X

- Banana Thumb

- Palm Facing Fingerboard

- Straight Wrist

- Fingers Curved Over the String

- Contact Fingerboard With the Tippy Tips of Your Fingers

- Relax!!! Think about being a monkey hanging from the tree

Play Test

Starting this weekend, we will be submitting weekly play tests. Each week you will receive a new practice assignment which you will video yourself playing using your phone. You will submit your play tests via email by sending them to

All play tests will be due by 8pm on Sunday evenings. This is to ensure that everyone is practicing over the weekend and receives the individualized feedback they need. There are a lot of you this year!

In the subject line, please include the date the assignment is due and your full name. Example: 9/29 John Smith

If you do not have access to a phone or email at home, here are some additional options:

1. Use a friend’s phone to record and send.

2. Use Dr. Rojas’ ipad either before or after class on Tuesday after the due date.

Happy practicing!


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