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Day 4: Rocket Ships

Continue practicing bow hold, singing musical alphabet, finger tapping, and windshield wipers. Today we add rocket ships and pepperoni pizza handshakes.

Rocket Ships

Start in Square Position, which we learned in our Sep 06 class. Check for perfect bow hold - bent pinky and thumb, grabber fingers on the side of the frog, and relaxed hand.

With your bow (or straw for now), draw a straight line all the way up toward the ceiling until your hand is about eye level. Your wrist will bend sideways as you raise your arm, and your elbow should end up underneath your hand.

Check your bow hold again to make sure all your fingers are in the same place, then return to square position following the same straight line with the bow/straw.


Use a mirror to make sure you are not raising your shoulder as you raise the bow. Also make sure you keep your straight line from the base knuckle of your middle finger to your elbow throughout the exercise.

Do your upward rocket ship several times until it feels comfortable, then return to square. Next, practice doing a downward rocket ship. Continue drawing the same line down toward the floor. This time your wrist will bend in the opposite direction and your elbow will move forward and straighten. Be sure the bow does not lean in any direction - it should remain straight up and and down. Then bring your arm back up to square position. Practice doing your downward Rocket Ships several times. When they feel comfortable, you can practice alternation between upward and downward rocket ships.


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