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Day 5: Receive Your Instrument!

Today we got our violins - yay! Violins will be stored in Practice Room 1 in the back hallway next to the band room. When you bring your violin back from home, please go see Mr. Cheney at 7:40am before school to be let into the practice room and drop off your violins. Please store violins vertically on the top shelf on both sides of the book case and horizontally on the lower shelves. Please make sure your name tag is showing so everyone grabs the correct instrument later.

Taking Out and Putting Away Your Bow

Please pay special attention when taking out and putting away your bow. Rotate the plastic holder and grab the bow by the frog to remove it from the case, making sure not to touch the hair as you do so. Remember to tighten the bow before playing. Get into the habit of doing this even though we are not playing yet. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. Tighten the bow until a pencil can fit between the hair and the stick.

When putting away the bow, be sure to loosen it enough that the screw begins to separate from the stick, but not so much that it will become unfastened while the violin case is closed.


For now, it is not important that we rosin our bow as we are not playing. We only lose rosin when we play. However, please get into the habit of checking the amount of rosin on your bow before you begin your practice. Remember to do this using your finger nail!

Bow Practice

Please practice the bow exercises you have already learned on the straws - but this time on your real bow! Review your bow hold and windshield wipers.

Rest Position

Carefully unfasten your violin and remove it from the case. Please remember to hold it in your left hand and grab it by the neck.

Make a chicken wing with your right arm and tuck your violin underneath it, making sure that the strings are pointing away from your body and your arm is resting on only the chin rest! It should fist snugly under your arm pit with the scroll pointing upward, toward the ceiling


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