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Day 6: Shoulder Rest, Rocket Ships, and Pepperoni Pizzas

Today we reviewed everything we have done thus far: Bow hold, windshield wipers, rest position, and putting away and taking out the violin and bow. Please practice these in addition to the following new material...

Rocket Ships With the Bow

Remember the Rocket Ships we practiced on the straws? Today we practiced them on the real bow! Please refer back to the September 6th lesson to make sure you are following the guidelines.

Shoulder Rest

Today we learned how to put on the shoulder rest. Take the shoulder rest out of the case. If your shoulder rest has folding feet, please unfold them. Take your violin in your left hand with and grab your shoulder rest with your right hand. Hold the shoulder rest so that the fatter end points toward the ceiling and the thinner end points toward the floor. Make sure the side with the feet is facing away from you.

With both hands, flip your violin over so that the strings are facing the floor, then tuck the scroll end into your left elbow and hold it like a baby. Be sure your left hand comes all the way around the instrument, down near the tail piece. Hook the feet that are farthest away from you (at the fatter end of the shoulder rest) onto the side of the violin and hold them in place with your left hand, then use your right hand to slide the other feet (from the thinner end) onto the side of the instrument that's closest to you.

After your shoulder rest is in place, you may flip it back over and hold your violin in your left hand.

Pepperoni Pizza Handshakes

Stand with a partner and hold hands hands like you're going to have a thumb war. Hold your hands up around eye level like when you do your rocket ships. Remember the outside of your wrist should be bent, your shoulder should be relaxed, and your elbow should be underneath your hand. If your position is incorrect, stand a little closer.

Start with pepperonis. Each downward pepperoni will go down to square position, and each upward pepperoni will end up where you started, around eye level. You will have four pepperonis: down, up, down, up (for the four syllables of "Pepperoni").

Your pizzas will start at eye level, go all the way down to the bottom of your rocket ships, and come back up. One down, one up for the two syllables of "Pizza". Be sure that you stop completely at both the bottom and the top of your pizzas.


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