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Day 7: Play Position, Pluck Position, Bow Pickup Game

Today we reviewed everything we learned so far: practice taking out and putting away your violin and bow correctly, bow hold, windshield wipers, rocket ships, pepperoni pizza handshakes, rest position, and putting on your shoulder rest. After practicing these things, move on to the new material...

Bow Pickup Game

Carefully set your bow down on the floor in front of you. You will have 10 seconds to pick up your bow and find your bow hold.

Play Position

Make sure your shoulder rest is put on. Start in rest position and step your feet shoulder width apart. Holding the violin by the neck in your left hand and with your right hand supporting the bottom of the instrument near the button, raise your violin over your head with two hands. Be sure your posture is natural with your shoulders relaxed and your head held up straight. Set the violin on your left shoulder, and set your jaw on the chin rest. For now, rest your left hand on the shoulder of the instrument. Practice going between Rest Position and Play Position a few times.

Pluck Position

With your violin in play position, use your right hand to do "Texas Tech Guns Up!" Your thumb and index finger should be extended, and the rest of your fingers should be closed all the way to your palm, sort of like a fist. With your "Guns Up" point toward your scroll. Set your thumb on the side of the fingerboard and curve your index finger above the strings. Use your index finger to pluck the A string. [Remember: GDAE]


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