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Day 3: Quiz, Review, and Windshield Wipers

If you did not take your quiz on Friday, please be ready to take it after class on Tuesday. Continue practicing your bow hold at home on a straw or pencil, singing the musical alphabet, and finger taps. Today we added windshield wipers - please practice these over the weekend!

The See-Saw

If you missed class, please note that your bow hold is like a see-saw (or a teeter-totter). Remember these from the playground? Each finger has a different job.

Thumb: Your thumb is the fulcrum - it's the thing the see-saw sits on. Index Finger and Pinky: These are the two kids on the see-saw.

Middle and Ring Fingers: These fingers are your grabber fingers. It's their job to help you control your contact point.

What is Contact Point?

Your Contact Point is the point at which your bow hair contacts the string. You know how when you drive in your car there are different lanes and you have to make sure you stay in your lane? That's basically what "Holding Your Contact Point" means: staying in your lane. We will talk more about this concept later.

Square Position

Find your bow hold and turn your hand so that your bow (right now, your straw or pencil) is vertical, pointing toward the ceiling and the floor. Be sure that your pinky and thumb remain bent. Position your elbow so that it is directly below your shoulder, then open your forearm to make a 90 degree angle. In other words, your arm should look like the corner of a square.


Make sure your forearm makes a straight line from the base knuckle of your middle finger all the way to your elbow.

Windshield Wipers

Start in Square Position. Rotate your forearm from the elbow so that your bow is parallel to the floor with your palm facing down. Your pinky and thumb should remain bent, and your grabber fingers should still be on the side of the frog. Remember to keep your bass knuckles as flat as possible while curving all the kuckles in your fingers. The goal is to maintain a perfect bow hold going from square position to the horizontal position and back!

Once you feel comfortable with this, practice going backwards. Rotate your forearm in the other direction so that your palm faces the ceiling. Still check to make sure you are maintaining a perfect bow hold!


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