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Dr. Felicia Rojas is Grammy Nominated violinist, vocalist, recording artist, and private lesson teacher residing in Lubbock, Texas.

Over the past several years since receiving her Doctorate of Musical Arts from Texas Tech University, Felicia has had the pleasure of working with several amazing musicians, touring with multiple groups, being involved in some mind-blowing large-scale projects, and teaching a long list of wonderful students.

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In 2015, Felicia began performing with the Two-Time Grammy Award-Winning Mariachi Divas. Her involvement with Divas has allowed her to play in some amazing venues, such as Disney California Adventure, The LA Coliseum, the D23 Convention, and several other locations in places like Houston, Chicago, Albuquerque, Reno, Wichita Falls, and Rosarito.

In 2017, Felicia played the West Coast leg of the Lila Downs tour in LA, Santa Barbara, and Oakland.

Felicia was also invited by composer Jeff Williams to play with the Jeff Williams Freelance Orchestra for the RTX Convention at the ACL Moody Theater in 2018. The show was completely made up of the unique and exciting music from the Rooster Teeth anime RWBY.

In February of 2022, Felicia became a member of Tequila Rock Revolution, an Austin-based band that plays metal versions of mariachi music along with covers of some old metal favorites by Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Ozzie Osbourne. So far they have performed at South by Southwest in Austin as well as events in other cities such as San Antonio, Del Rio, Phoenix, and Denver. This season holds several other dates to come in places like Memphis, Chicago, and San Angelo.

Felicia has also formed her own band called AoE ("Area of Effect"). The group primarily plays covers of popular anime and video game music, with Felicia singing in both English and Japanese as well as taking solos on her Viper from Wood Violins. AoE has played several West Texas area comic and anime conventions and hopes to play more in the future!

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Felicia has had some fantastic recording opportunities over the years. Her first recording project was Mariachi Divas' album Tributo a Joan Sebastian y Rigoberto Alfaro in 2016. The album was nominated for a Grammy in the 59th Grammy Awards ceremony in 2017, which earned the young artist her first Grammy certificate.

In 2020, Felicia was invited to be a part of two large-scale charity recording projects organized by Mason Lieberman Productions. The first was a recording of "The Real Folk Blues" from the classic anime Cowboy Bebop which included appearances by Yoko Kano and the Seatbelts as well as Steve Blum (the voice of Spike Spiegel) and John "Beau" Billingslea (the voice of Jet Black) along with a slew of extremely talented musicians. The track was endorsed by Funimation and hosted by Crunchyroll on its YouTube channel.

The second of these projects was a rendition of "Might U" and "You Say Run", the hype music from the wildly popular anime My Hero Academia. The recording featured appearances by most of the extensive English cast, including Christopher Sabat (voice of All Might). Both recordings were sold for a limited time in vinyl and are available on Youtube and Spotify. Both recordings were extremely well received.

In 2021, Felicia was asked to record on Jeff Penny's orchestral rendition of "Shout Baby" from My Hero Academia, which is also available on both Youtube and Spotify.

Felicia's most recent recording engagement was Mariachi Divas' latest album La Hora Feliz. Felicia is crossing her fingers for another Grammy nomination this year (or perhaps even a trophy).

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Dr. Rojas loves sharing her musical knowledge with students and helping them develop both the practice techniques and the life skills that they need to achieve their dreams. Since 2017, Dr. Rojas has been teaching an after school Suzuki violin program in Hobbs, New Mexico. Though the students were wonderful, that chapter has sadly come to an end. However, Dr. Rojas still teaches her own private violin and voice students and coaches the violin section of the Texas Tech Mariachi Los Matadores.

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Felicia is dipping her toes into the world of live streaming, particularly on Twitch. She has dabbled in some solo vocal recording streams on AoE's Twitch channel to do some trouble-shooting and plans to begin full band rehearsal streams soon. These streams are a great opportunity to watch how musicians work behind the scenes, get to know the band members, and listen to them play some of your favorite anime and video game music. Give AoE a follow and help them make affiliate!

Felicia will also be streaming Tequila Rock shows when possible on her personal channel. Give her a follow today to get notified when she streams and have access to vods for a full two weeks post-stream!

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