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Reviews: Reviews
Client 5

Angie W.
Lubbock, TX

Ms. Felicia is a great teacher! I was very pleased with my daughter's progress under her instruction. She is very good at meeting the individual needs of her students. We miss you, Ms. Felicia!"

Client 6

Andrew S.
CCM Masters Student

Dr. Rojas is an excellent teacher and violinist! Through her dedication in teaching, I felt I was able to grow technically and musically. This led me to pursue new opportunities and challenges. I still call upon her teachings to this day in all musical scenarios. She is truly wonderful to work with in all possible ways."

Client 4

Amy R.
Orange, CA

Felicia is a very warm and welcoming person yet has a sturdy platform, has a nice way of teaching, and doesn't yell. I personally love the way she teaches, and I'm sure you will too!"

Client 1

Monica V.
Lubbock, TX

My daughter took lessons with Felicia Rojas for 2 years in Lubbock, Texas. Felicia Rojas is very encouraging tutor. She makes learning where students will enjoy going to her classes but at the same time is honest about letting her know what she needs to work on, and that she has to work. My daughter advanced in her orchestra class while being tutored by Felicia that the last 2 years of her middle school year she achieved the Outstanding Musician Award. With her tutoring my daughter excelled and I would happily recommend Felicia Rojas to others."

Client 7

Jerry C.
Lubbock, TX

Dr. Rojas was my violin teacher for a year. Throughout that year she laced practices with very helpful tips to being a successful violinist, I still use her tips and even give some of them to fellow violinists. Dr. Rojas helped immensely and I accredit her to the level of playing I am at now."

Client 8

Santa Ana, CA

In addition to the violin classes taken at school at her music class. My 9 yr old daughter has been taking violin lessons with Felicia for the last 8-9 months. The results have been nothing shy from amazing. At first I just didn't want her to feel like she was behind her classmates whom had already been taking violin lessons at younger ages. But now she has developed a real passion for music and it's all thanks to Felicia. She really has a gift for teaching, I'm sure anyone willing to give her a try will be more than satisfied with the results."

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