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Dr. Rojas believes that music education can help teach children important life skills, even if they don't plan on becoming professional musicians, and that a strong technical foundation can allow students to one day be able to play (or sing) whatever type of music they love the most, whether it's classical, mariachi, rock, country, or even metal and hip-hop!

To learn more about violin or voice lessons and Dr. Rojas' studio policy, click the link below!

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Dr. Rojas believes that success comes in all shapes and sizes. You don't need to have a seat in a prestigious symphony to be a successful musician. There are many different ways to make a career as a performer, as a teacher, as a mix of both, or even behind the scenes as a member of a production crew.

Dr. Rojas loves sharing her story with students from elementary to high school. If you would like Dr. Rojas to come and speak to your class or give a coaching, please call, text, or email today!

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Dr. Rojas frequently plays wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other special events with her esteemed colleagues. Whether you are looking for solo violin/voice with piano (or a combination of both), or a string quartet, Dr. Rojas has got you covered!

The lovely ladies of **** Quartet are all highly-skilled, Texas Tech-trained musicians and are the perfect addition to your special day.

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Looking for a violinist or vocalist to record on your next project? Look no further!

Dr. Felicia Rojas is a classically trained orchestral player and is adept at several different styles of playing on both acoustic and electric violin.

Dr. Rojas is also a classically trained singer with roots in pop, rock, country, mariachi, and Peruvian musica criolla. She can also sing in several different languages, including. but not limited to, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Gaelic.

Contact Felicia today to see if she is right for your project.

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Coming soon... Felicia and the members of AoE will be live streaming rehearsals and recording sessions so you can acutally see what trained musicians do behind the scenes! Come hang out in chat, give feedback, cheer us on, and make song suggestions.

We already have 14 AoE followers on twitch... can you get us to 75 follows so we can make affiliate?

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